Evaluation of Lumber Recovery and Waste Generation in Selected Sawmills in Three Local Government Areas of Benue State, Nigeria

D O Ekhuemelo


Volume of lumber recovered and wood wastes generated in some selected sawmills in three Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Benue State were assessed. Gwer East, Gwer West and Makurdi LGAs were purposively selected from Zone B and a total of ten (10) sawmills were randomly selected. Ten (10) logs were randomly sampled for conversion from each sawmills, making a total of 100 logs. The logs were converted using through and through sawing with band sawing machine. Input volume, volume of lumber recovered, percentage of lumber recovery, volume of sawdust, slabs, and bark were determined. The results revealed that Elmatandi sawmill in Naka, Gwer West LGA had the highest input volume, lumber recovery volume, and percentage lumber recovery of 1.7178 m3, 1.1698 m3, 0.6851 m3 and 68.51 m3 respectively. IDS sawmill in Makurdi had the lowest input volume, lumber recovery volume, sawdust volume and total volume of waste of 0.6034 m3, 0.3680 m3, 0.0063 m3 and 0.2355 m3 while Ire-Akari sawmill in Gwer West LGA generated the highest total volume of waste of 0.7561 m3. There was high positive significant relationship (p greater than 0.01) between input volume and lumber volume (0.913**); input volume and sawdust volume (0.687**); as well as input volume and total waste (0.771**). IDS sawmill in Makurdi was the most efficient sawmill in terms of percentage lumber recovery and waste generation in study area.

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