J A Ojekunle


This study analyses the operational characteristics of public transportation in the Federal
Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria, and provides baseline information that can contribute tothe
renewed effort at improving the current service level by the FCT administration. Relevant
data were collected through questionnaire administration to 315 public transport operators
at 17 major public transport terminals in five of the most populated Area Councils of the FCT.
The selections of the terminals were justified on the conditions of the- population strength of
the settlements and clusters of activities which could serves as commuter consolidation point.
The data were analyzed using descriptive statistical methods like percentages, means and
charts. The result shows that most owners operated public transport vehicles in the FCT are
small-sized, owned by individual operators, purchased mainly through personal savings and
loans from cooperatives/unions. The vehicles at the time of the survey appeared old and
rickety, their operations did not follow well defined schedules on routes and their fares were
unpredictable. Incidences of overloading and multiple stopping enroute to pick and drop
passengers were rife. These factors accounted for poor quality services, longer transit time
which served as a disincentives to car-owning groups within the FCT. The paper recommends
strict standard setting, enforcement of regulations for the operators and training of the public
transport drivers and conductors by the relevant organs of FCT administration. Furthermore,
a collaborative effort by the private organizations and the Area Councils in providing sound,
neat and safe public transport vehicles for commuters is recommended with a view to
increasing the service frequency as well as, reducing waiting time and public transport fare,
thereby making the use of public transportation more attractive to the commuters with or
without private cars in the FCT.

Keywords: public transportation, terminals, settlements, operators, passengers

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