Information For Authors

Presentation Pattern for paper submission: A4; number of pages not more than 18; double-spacing


a)      Title of paper

b)      Name of author(s)

c)       Affiliation of author(s)

d)      Address, email and telephone number of leading author (if more than one)

e)      Abstract (not more than 250 words)

f)       Keywords

g)      Body of text:

  1. i.            Introduction
  2. ii.            Review of Relevant Literatures
  3. iii.            Methodology
  4. iv.            Findings & Discussion
  5. v.            Conclusion & Recommendation(s)
  6. vi.            References (APA Style)
  7. vii.            Table(s) and figure(s) should be embedded in the text and discussed immediately after presentation

Citations: Examples of citations from journals, books, edited books, unpublished work should be

Policy on Plagiarism: Less than 25% plagiarized content will be allowed

Submission: MS Word with a copy in PDF via email:;