Information For Authors

Manuscripts may be submitted either by (i) submission of hard copies or (ii) electronic submission. Manuscript should be typewritten (Microsoft Word, Times New Romans, Font 12 points), double spaced on white A4 (21cm x 30cm) paper with sufficient margins at the sides and top and bottom of the pages. Three hard copies should be sent to the Editor-in-Chief and electronic version when the paper is accepted for publication. Or the electronic version of the paper may be e-mailed directly to the Editor-in-Chief following standard format or journal website. Manuscript should be accompanied with N2, 500.00 as handling charge.

Text: Manuscript should be arranged in the following order:  title page, abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion, acknowledgement and references (all in caps), tables and figures.

Title: The title (in caps and bold) should be brief and reflect the main theme of the paper. The name(s) of the author(s) (i.e. surname and initials) and addresses including e-mail, should also be in capitals. The corresponding author should be asterisked. A line should separate the name and address from the abstract.

Abstract: The abstract should be concise and informative and should include objectives of the study, methodology, findings and conclusion/recommendation. It should not be more than 300 words and provided with 4-6 keywords. A line should separate the abstract from the introduction.

Introduction: This should contain an updated review of literature to give essential background information and objectives of the research.

Materials and Methods: Materials and methods should be described explicitly except when known procedures have been followed or modified, to enable others interpret the result or duplicate the work.

Results: This should be presented without duplicating data that can be seen in Tables or Figures. It should be concise. Results should be separated from the discussion.

Discussion: Discussion should explain rather than be repetitive of the results, relate findings to previous knowledge and focus on implications or consequences of the results. Inference and opinions should be distinguished from facts.

Acknowledgement: Financial contributors, pre-paper reviews etc could be acknowledged.

References: In the text, citation should be made by the author’s name and year of publication e.g. “according to Olawoye (2003)” or “as shown in an earlier study (Olawoye, 2003)”. Two or more papers by the same author in the same year should be distinguished by a suffix (a, b, c etc) to the year of publication. The name of the journal should be written in full without italicising. References should be given at the end of the paper in alphabetical and chronological order without numbering noting the following example strictly:


Ashamo, M.O (2006). Life history studies of the yam moth, Dasyses rugosella Stainton (Lepidoptera:

Tineidae).  Journal of Stored Products Research 42, 302-312.

Hill, D.S (1983). Agricultural Insect Pests of the Tropics and their Control. 2nd edition., Cambridge

University Press, London, U.K. 746pp.

Jackai, L.E.N., Singh, S.R., Raheja, A.K and Wiedijic, F (1985). Recent trends in the control of

cowpea, V. unguiculata (L.) Walp., pests in Africa. In: Cowpea Research, Production and

Utilization (Singh, S.R and Rachie, K.C eds). Pp233-243. John Wiley and Sons, Chichester,


Mathematical Formulae, symbols and units: Greek letters and unusual symbols should be identified separately on the margin. Distinction should be made between capital and lower case letters between letter o and zero (0), between letter I and number 1. All measurement should be made in the SI system.

Tables and Figures: Tables and figures should be self-explanatory, without reference to text or other tables and figures. Caption should be brief but adequately describe contents. The tables should be numbered in Arabic numerals. Figures captions should be appropriately typed. In the text, spell out the word Table but abbreviate Figures to Fig. Capitalize the first letter table, column and row headings. Footnotes are designated with superscript lowercase letters.

Graphs should be boxed and coordinate lines marked with index lines. Illustration should be in black and white and of a size that allows reduction of up to 50%. If colour prints are necessary, the cost of production will be charged to the author’s account.

Cpoyright: Papers are accepted for publication with the explicit understanding that they are not being processed for publication elsewhere and as such implying that copyright is transferred automatically to the FUTA Journal of Research in Sciences (FJRS).

Submission of manuscripts: Manuscripts (3copies) to be considered for publication should be submitted to:

Prof. M.O. Ashamo, Department of Biology, Federal University of Technology, P.M.B 704, Akure, Nigeria. Or E-mail: for electronic version.

ISSN: 2315-8239