Assessment of the impact of Bush Fire on availability of NTFPs to Rural Households in Oyo State, Nigeria



This study examined the impact of bush fire on the availability of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) to rural households in Oyo State, Nigeria. Six local government areas were randomly selected out of 33 local government areas in the study area. Three rural villages were randomly selected in each sampled local government area. Fifteen households were then systematically selected in each of the villages to make a total of two hundred and seventy households in the study area. The results of the study showed that bush fire improved availability of firewood and bush meat while availability of fodder and medicinal materials were made more difficult due to the occurrence of bush fire. Chi-square test shows that there is a significant (p less tahn 0.05) association between annual bush fire and availability of firewood to rural households. The study showed that the effects of bush fire on the people of the study area include destruction of farm crops, water scarcity, pollution and communal conflicts. The study also showed that the options available to rural households in the study area to mitigate the effects of bush fire include collection and drying of medicinal plant materials before annual bush fire, fire tracing of farm boundaries and fetching water very early in the morning to get clean water. The study further showed that in other to reduce the occurrence of annual bush fire in the study area government should ensure the enactment of state edict on the control of bush fire and constant radio jingles against bush fire.

Keywords: Annual Bush Fire, Forest Resources, Rural Households and Nigeria.

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