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Scope of Journal
Authors can submit the following types of articles: Original articles: This includes studies that involve substantial novel research in the realms of Science, Technology and Innovation (ST&I). Such articles typically occupy 8-12 pages when printed. Short / Rapid communication: Studies that fall short of the original articles (e.g preliminary experiments, novel hypotheses or commentaries) may be submitted as short
communication. Manuscripts for rapid communication include results that are of special significance or of current and extreme interest. Manuscript for either short or rapid communication, should yield no more than four pages when printed, including illustrations, tables and references. When submitting, authors should indicate clearly "Short or Rapid communication" on the envelope or correspondence.
Commentary: Commentaries are meant to discuss issues of particular significance to technology. Commentaries may include highlights of significant papers, in any issues of JoST, field notes or observations, poignant opinions or other timely information or comments. Commentaries should not exceed 1500 words with 5 or fewer references. Reviews: Reviews are comprehensive analyses of specific topics in technological breakthroughs. Reviews are solicited by the editor. However, authors may also submit proposal for reviews, in which case authors should first send an outline of the proposed paper for initial consideration. Submission and Manuscript Online submission: This is the preferred mode of submission. Online submission ensures speedy processing. Paper may be submitted as e-mail attachment to the Editor-in-Chief ( The paper should be submitted as a single file in Microsoft Word format (no other formats will be accepted) and the file should be of manageable size (i.e.<5Mb) so that it can be e-mailed to referees. To aid in file management, please identify the first author and month and year of submission in the file name, e.g. ‘Aletor et al. Aug2010.doc.’ If acknowledgment of submission is not received within a week, please send a reminder to the Editor-in-chief. Hard copy submission Authors who are unable to access the internet should send three hard copies (original and two copies) and a CD-ROM containing the exact hardcopy to the editorial office. Although hard copy submissions may take longer review time than online, both types will however go through the same review process. Submission of a manuscript implies that the results or opinion reported have not been published or being considered for publication elsewhere (except in conference
proceedings). The journal assumes that all authors of a multi-authored paper agreed to its submission to JoST. A covering message or letter indicating these statements should accompany the submission.


Preparation of Manuscript
General presentation: The manuscript should be presented clearly and concisely in English. Manuscripts must be prepared (preferably with MS word package) using 12 point New Times Roman font, double or 1.5 line-spaced and lines numbered along the l`eft margin only on one side of A4 size paper (210-297 mm) with at least 3 cm margins on all sides. All typing should be left justified. Pages, including figures and tables, should be numbered consecutively in the bottom middle with the title page as page 1. Manuscript should contain the following sections (except for review and commentary articles): Title page; Abstract; Introduction; Materials and Methods; Results, Discussion (Results and Discussion could be combined); Conclusion; Acknowledgement (if any) and References. Figure legends, Tables and Figures should be typed on separate sheets and placed at the end of the text in this order. Original artwork must not be submitted prior to acceptance of the manuscript.
Title Page: The first page of the manuscript should contain the title of the article, which should be concise but explicit, the surname and forenames (in full) of authors, full address of each author, telephone, fax number and email address of the corresponding author (identified by an asterisk) and a short/running title of no more than 45 characters, including spaces. Use superscript to relate authors to their addresses. Abstract: The next pages should contain the title and abstract in English. Abstract should be less than 250 words and should provide sufficient information to give the reader a full understanding of the content of the article. Paragraphs, footnotes, references and
undefined abbreviations should be avoided. Keywords: Up to five keywords, separated by semi-column, should be provided to assist the
reader and facilitate information retrieval. Body of text: The title of the article should be typed in lower-case letters and bold. All other
headings should be typed in upper-case letters and bolded while sub-headings should be in lower-case and bolded. The main headings should be separated by an empty line and not indentation. The SI unit system must be used. Standard abbreviations may be used without
definition, and specialized abbreviations should be used only after they are defined when they first appear. Use capital 'T' for Table and 'F' for Figure. Mathematical formulae should be carefully typed with symbols in correct alignment and adequately spaced. Each formula
should be displayed on a single line if possible. Statistical evaluation of results should be described briefly and if necessary supported by references. References: References to previous work, should be restricted to those with a direct bearing upon the topic of the review and cited in the text with the author’s name and the year of publication in parentheses, e.g. Aletor (2010) or Aletor and Agbede (2010) showed
that …..; or as Aletor et al. (2010) showed that …. or JoST contained diverse thought (Aletor et al.; 2010) or (Aletor, 2010) and these ….. In the references section, all cited work should be listed alphabetically by author(s) last name(s) followed by initial(s), and then



Page charges and subscription

JoST charges authors N15,000 for publication of their article. The subscription rate excluding VAT and postage is N2,000 per issue. The publication charge and subscription charge rate are subject to review at anytime depending on the prevailing cost of publication.

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