Preparation of Manuscripts

Each manuscript must include the following components, which should be presented in the order below:

A cover letter indicating no conflict of interest Main manuscript consisting of the following:

  1. Title, name and affiliation of each author, corresponding author: these items must appear on an unnumbered cover page, separate from the remainder of the manuscript. The affiliation should be concise and should omit street and/or P.O. Box. The date or receipt of the manuscript will be supplied by editors.
  2. Abstract: A brief, concise abstract (300-word limit) is required at the beginning of each article and, at the discretion of the Editors, at the beginning of appropriate shorter contributions. Authors are reminded to summarize their conclusions and methodology in the abstract. Reference should be omitted since they are not available to abreacting services.
  3. Text: The text should be divided into sections, each with a separate heading and numbered consecutively. The section/subsection headings should be typed on a separate line. (this should be 7000-word limit excluding tables, figures, acknowledgement and References)
  4. Acknowledgement.
  5. Appendix: Lengthy, mathematical analysis whose details are subordinate to the main theme of the paper should normally appear in appendix. Each appendix should have a title.
  6. Reference: References must be arranged alphabetically without numbering. The text citation should consist of the author’s name year of publication e.g “According to Odeyemi (2010)” or “as shown by an earlier study (Odeyemi, 2010)”. When there are two or more papers by the same author in the same year, the distinguishing suffix (a, b etc) should be added. In listing references, each one must be complete and in the following form; for an article, authors(s), year, title of journal (abbreviated), volume number, inclusive pages; for a book: author(s) year: Title of book. Publisher, total number of pages; Authors are requested to avoid references to non-standard materials such as internal or project reports and unrefereed preprints whenever as much as possible.
  7. Figure Captions: Each figure must be provided with an adequate caption; all captions should be listed together (doubled-space). Authors must include single space captioned on the figure used for the reviewer copies, but the original figure should not have captions on them.
  8. Illustrations and Tables: Each figure and table must be cited specifically in the text. The figure number and caption will be typeset and should not be part of the illustration. Authors must label figure panels with lowercase lettering, preferably within the figure panel. All tables should have a title or legend.
  9. Equations, mathematical symbols and formulas: Authors(s) should use equation editor function. Author(s) must attempt to visualize mathematical expressions as they will appear in print. Electronic proofs will be sent by e-mail attachment to the corresponding author. All equation should be sequentially numbered.

Galley proof is considered to be the final version of the manuscript. With the exception of typographical or mirror typographical errors, no change will be made to the manuscript at this stage. Preferably, manuscripts should be typed in Times New Romans style, 12 font size and 1.5 row spacing.



Submission of a manuscript implies that the work described has not been published before (except in form of an abstract or as part of a published lecture, or as part of a published lecture, or thesis) that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere. It also implies that if and when the manuscript is accepted for publication, the authors agree to automatic transfer of the copyright to the publisher.

Submission Process

Manuscripts must be prepared strictly according to the “instructions to Authors”. An electronic file of manuscript (in doc format) must be submitted online to [email protected],ng.

Decision will be taken as rapidly as possible, and the journal will strive to return to return reviewers’ comments to authors within four weeks.

After acceptance, a proof will be sent to the authors via the corresponding authors to effect any MINOR changes in the manuscript should need be. The corrected proof should be returned within 72 hours. Corresponding authors of successful submissions will be notified of the payment procedure for publication of their papers through e-mail.

Fees and Charges

Authors will be charged $100 (foreign) and ? 25,000.00 (local) as publication fee.

However, the author’s ability to pay the charges.




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